Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to list common questions that we get asked surrounding our work.
Where are you located?

Women Unlimited offices are located at Mbabane Industrial Site, Suite 3A1 Stoxco Building.

What are your services?

We are a women’s rights organisation that offers women’s empowerment initiatives that ensure economic emancipation for women, counselling services for all, education and awareness on issues affecting women and youth in Eswatini.

When was the organisation established?

Women Unlimited was established in 2017 and started operations in 2019.

What is Gender?

Gender refers to the social, cultural, and behavioural characteristics associated with being male or female, which are typically considered to be distinct from biological sex.

What is Gender Equality?

Gender equality refers to the equal treatment and rights of all genders, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, or biological sex. It is a concept that all individuals, regardless of their gender, should have equal access to opportunities, resources, and social, economic and political rights. Gender equality advocates for the elimination of discrimination, bias and prejudice based on gender, and the promotion of equal opportunities and fair treatment for all individuals regardless of their gender.

What is GBV?

Gender-based violence refers to any form of violence that is primarily or exclusively directed against individuals or groups based on their gender, or that disproportionately affects individuals based on their gender. It is a form of violence that is rooted in unequal power relations between genders, and it is often perpetrated against individuals or groups based on socially constructed gender norms, roles, and expectations.

How do I contact Women Unlimited?

You can contact us on telephone on (+268) 76025807/ 34601752 or send us a WhatsApp message on (+268) 76025807. You can also email us at or send a message on our social media platforms at

How can I be a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer at Women Unlimited can be a rewarding way to contribute to a cause you are passionate about and make a positive impact in your community. The process is easy! Get in touch with us through our contact details or simply visit our offices and undergo the admission procedure.

Q:  Why are women’s rights important?

Why are women’s rights important?

Women’s rights are important because women have historically faced discrimination and inequality in many areas of life, including access to education, employment opportunities, healthcare, and legal protections. Promoting and protecting women’s rights is crucial to achieving gender equality and creating a more just and inclusive society.

What are some common issues that Women Unlimited work on?

Women Unlimited works on a wide range of issues under three strategic areas which are women’s rights, social and welfare and education and empowerment. These are some of the issues that Women Unlimited works on but not limited to:
1. Gender-Based Violence, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment
2. Promoting equal opportunities for all by closing the gap in society, preventing discrimination
3. Reproductive rights, including access to safe and affordable contraception
4. Legal rights and justice, including advocating for laws and policies that protect women’s rights and hold perpetrators of gender-based violence accountable.
5. Political representation and leadership, including promoting women’s participation in decision making processes at all levels of government and leadership roles.
6. Intersectional feminism, which recognizes that gender discrimination intersects with other forms of discrimination, such as race, sexual orientation, disability, and socioeconomic status.
7. Education and empowerment means for sustainable livelihoods of women and the youth in Eswatini.

How can I support women’s rights movements?

There are several ways in which you can support women’s rights movements:
1. Educate yourself about women’s rights issues
2. Raise awareness about women’s rights by sharing information on social media, organizing events, or writing articles.
3. Volunteer your time, skills, or resources to support women’s rights at the local, national and international levels.
4. Support women led organisations that support gender equality
5. Engage in respectful conversations and dialogues about women’s rights with others, including family, friends and colleagues
6. Donate to women’s rights organisations to help fund their programs and initiatives
7. Stand up against discrimination and violence against women in your community and beyond

What are some current challenges faced by women’s rights organisations in Eswatini?

Women’s rights organisations continue to face various challenges, including:
1. Gender based discrimination and violence, which persist in many parts of the world and impact impact women and girls disproportionately.
2. Backlash and resistance to women’s rights progress, including attempts to roll back existing protections and policies
3. Insufficient funding and resources for women’s rights organisations which limits capacity to effectively address women’s rights issues.
4. Lack of gender equality in leadership and decision-making positions, which can hinder efforts to advance women’s rights.
5. Legal and policy barriers as well as local political environment
6. Limited access to economic opportunities for women and girls in many parts of the world, which can perpetuate gender inequality
7. Negative social norms and cultural practices that perpetuate gender stereotypes and discrimination against women and girls.

Does Women Unlimited include men in their programs?

Yes. Women Unlimited believes in engaging men and boys as important agents of change, therefore we include them in our programming and outreach and also partner with male mentoring groups from time to time.

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