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Stratergies that ensure we carry out our vision and mission

Women's Rights


Protect, promote and support women’s rights

Key Objectives:

  • Promote the right to education for the girl child
  • Seek to end gender-based violence, rape and murder of women and girls in Eswatini
  • Provide education and awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights and promote access to medical care and services
  • End all forms of discrimination and abuse against all women
  • End all forms of abuse against disabled girls and women in Eswatini
  • Eliminate all harmful cultural practices, such as child marriages, early and forced marriages and denial of girl-child education
  • Promote women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in private and public institutions



We seek to attain healthy lives for women holistically and promote their welfare

Key Objectives:

  • Advocate for universal access to sexual and reproductive health for all women including access to care and support for women living with HIV
  • Promote women’s mental health and the development of a national mental health policy/laws
  • Access welfare resources and technologies to assist women with disabilities, impoverished women-led households and orphans to improve their quality of life



Strive for the economic empowerment and financial emancipation of women and girls in Eswatini

Key Objectives:

  • Create employment and business for women aged 18 to 35 and promote equal employment opportunities and wages for women
  • Improve incomes and welfare for all rural and impoverished women in Eswatini
  • Educate, develop and train disadvantaged women and girls
  • Advocate for a fully educated and enlightened woman in all aspects of life and not just academic, such as the arts, sports, social skills etc. (i.e. The 360° Woman)