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Mar 5, 2023

The project seeks to conduct research on how Knowledge Management processes play a vital role in enhancing organizational growth among women’s organizations and gender programming while simultaneously empowering the implementing organization in modern KM models. The study will focus on different knowledge management theories and their contributions on systems thinking, decision making and organizational learning in women’s organizations probing both the social and cultural elements of KM. Capacity building to be provided by Cordaid to Women Unlimited Eswatini will focus on three areas of modern KM systems: Digital workplace; Digital transformation and Working Out Loud (WOL).


The research activity will have the following specific objectives;

  • To examine the relationship between knowledge management and organizational processes.
  • To analyze different knowledge management theories that help in enhancing the knowledge management and organizational learning practices in women-led organizations.
  • To critically evaluate different influencing factors and enablers of knowledge management and organizational learning in women’s organizations in crisis environments.


The ultimate goal is strengthening the KM and OL capacities of women-led organizations in conflict times and also build the capacity of the implementing organization.

If you have any questions or comments about this project, or wish to participate in the Knowledge Management Research:

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