Project Tittle: Women's Rights: Making inroads towards gender equality, participation and equal representation in Eswatini


In partnership with WLSA, Kwakha Indvodza and SWAGAA, Women Unlimited is implementing a two-year program whose overall objective is for Women in Eswatini to be empowered to play meaningful roles in the political, legal and civic life of the country. The action speaks directly to the global objective of the EIDHR call, of giving “support to civil society, women and media towards promoting human rights, gender equality and women empowerment in Eswatini.” The action aims to contribute to the achievement of the following specific objectives developed by the partners:

• To enhance the effective participation of women and girls in The Kingdom of Eswatini in leadership and governance; effecting political decision-making processes and confronting barriers to women’s participation at all levels;
• To expand national awareness on Women’s Rights and create platforms that promote male involvement in promoting women’s rights, equality and participation in decision making;
• Strengthening the capacity of duty bearers, civil society and the media in advocating for policy and law reform for women political involvement in Eswatini.

Our role as Women Unlimited is establishing School-based Human Rights Learning Groups in High Schools, targeting both girls and boys. To date we have reached over 400 young people with training on Human Rights and Gender Equality.

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